Veronica and Milton, Glorious Natural Products


Veronica and Milton's Story

We are a husband and wife team running Glorious Natural Products out of the home we share with our little girl, Retinah. In 2015, Milton’s mother was in her late 70s and constantly complaining of severe joints pains. She had been referred to several private clinics and her medical bills were piling up.

Finally, one doctor advised her to eat more foods rich in vitamin C, calcium and iron, listing baobab fruit among the suggested foods. So she added a glass of baobab juice with honey to her morning and evening routine and within a month her pain had significantly diminished.

And not only was she feeling better, but she was able to save money as her prescriptions were nearly ten times the cost of the baobab juice.

Baobab Superfruit Powder is just one of the natural products that Veronica and Milton are cultivating with individual farmers across Malawi. These products all address key challenges in both rural and urban areas including illness, chronic pain, and malnutrition, all at a cost far lower than standard pharmaceuticals and with no side effects.

About Glorious Natural Products

Glorious Natural Products (GNP) is a Malawian-owned business that brings together unique, quality natural health products while promoting environmental sustainability and reforestation in Malawi. Our natural products are hidden treasures, crafted from indigenous plants with little-known, but potent health benefits. By farming them, we encourage local farmers to invest in the health of their local environment by creating an easy avenue to profit that benefits the local ecosystem, rural families, and the consumers who use our products.

Check out GNP’s website to learn more about their work.