Angel Allen


Angel is FTI's Mentoring and Grants Lead. Her passion for the mental wellbeing of women and girls has led her to work within diverse populations and objectives; such as, with youth of the Yavapai-Apache Nation, nuns in Belgium, orphanages in Mexico, mental health centers in Morocco, high school students in Taiwan, and soccer clubs in North Carolina. Her academics at the University of Arizona and the University of Massachusetts combined International Studies, Psychology, and the Middle East to arm her with tools for community development and cross-cultural connections.

Through building and co-directing an elite soccer club, she designed training programs with a focus on the Holistic Athlete (mind – psychological and tactical; body – technical skills, physiological conditioning and nutrition; and soul – leadership and personal growth). She believes in the transformational versus transactional methods of leadership, teaching, and collaboration along with its essential role in proactive global development.

When she is not riding dirt bikes, she can be found writing novels with her Siberian Husky at her feet under the pen name Angel Allendale.