Flame Tree Initiative

Social Entrepreneurship for African Development

The Flame Tree Initiative partners with African universities to foster scalable, socially-minded businesses that accelerate regional change. We believe that training, mentoring and launching development enterprises -- businesses that confront global development challenges -- is a potent way to contribute to the new, innovative era in Africa.

Pauline Mujawamariya


A native of Rwanda, Pauline graduated from The University of Arizona and won a Fulbright grant to study Poverty and Development at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), Sussex University, England. Her work there involved the interrelationships between the structural causes of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. She was also a Fulbright Fellow at UNESCO in Paris, working on issues related to Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace. Pauline was a Technical Officer for the World Health Organization in Geneva, addressing issues related to the neglected diseases of poverty. She has also worked for the Research Corporation in Tucson and is currently undertaking exciting new work as the project officer for the Africa Innovation Fund, a Zurich-based group that partners with the UN Economic Commission for Africa to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.