Flame Tree Initiative

Social Entrepreneurship for African Development

The Flame Tree Initiative partners with African universities to foster scalable, socially-minded businesses that accelerate regional change. We believe that training, mentoring and launching development enterprises -- businesses that confront global development challenges -- is a potent way to contribute to the new, innovative era in Africa.

Colleen Whitaker


Colleen has a B.A. from the University of Arizona in International Studies with a focus on natural resource management and Geospatial Information Systems, and an M.S. in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics. From 2002-2003 she was a Fulbright scholar in Malawi, working with Mzuzu University and a local water development NGO to enhance local capacity for using geospatial technologies. Her work over the last 12 years has included using participatory mapping as a tool for community development for the third sector in London. She also works in the US as a consultant specializing in collaboration on public lands management and community development.